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Asia Health & Beauty curated by Expat Influencers

Hospitals & Beauty Clinics in Asia | Exprive

Book your appointment here to pay the "local" price at Korean hospitals and clinics.

Korean Cosmetics Brands | Exprive

Discover uncoveted Korean cosmetic brands.

Exprive Influencers | Exprive

1,500 expat influencers from Europe, CIS, Americas, Middle East, Africa, and Asia introducing Asia Health & Beauty.

Instagram Community for Expat Influencers in Asia

Asia Health & Beauty through the lens of expat influencers.

Discover Asia's health and beauty secrets through the discerning eyes of expat influencers living in Korea. 


From cosmetics to medical facilities, join us on a journey of exploration and insight. Elevate your self-care routine with the curated insights and recommendations from our diverse team of influencers, and unlock the essence of Asian beauty like never before.


Start your exploration today with Exprive.

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