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Korean Cosmetics

Elevate your business in beauty and healthcare with our services. We help you create "Made in Korea" cosmetics, import emerging Korean cosmetic brands, source healthcare supplies from Korea, and connect with influencers.


From concept to delivery, we've got you covered. Access emerging Korean brands, source supplies reliably, and boost your brand with influencers. Let us take your business to new heights.

K-ODM Process


Import K-Cosmetics

We offer access to emerging Korean cosmetic brands that haven't yet ventured into the global market, giving you a competitive advantage by securing these products ahead of others in your country. 

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Find influencers to promote your brand

Network with influencers and professionals who champion the world of Korean beauty. Build partnerships to infuse your brand with the captivating essence and authentic expertise of Korean beauty, elevating your marketing strategy to new heights.


Make your own branded "Made in Korea" cosmetics

In a crowded landscape of 4,500 Korean cosmetic manufacturers, finding the right partner can be challenging. We provide tailored services from concept to delivery with expertise in identification of the right OEM/ODM, price negotiation, quality control, and timely delivery.

Import Korean Cosmetics


Source healthcare supplies from Korea 

Through our robust network of reputable manufacturers in Korea, we source healthcare supplies and equipment in a transparent and reliable way.

Influencers supporting Korean health & beauty




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