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Dr. Choi Jinguk

Taehwa Hospital

Director of TCM Orthopedics


Oriental Medicine




Years of experience:


Dr. Choi Jinguk (崔镇国) is a renowned TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Orthopedics specialist with a distinguished career spanning decades. Graduating from Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, he became the first foreigner (Korean) officially licensed and registered by the Ministry of National Health in China.

As the Director of TCM Orthopedics at Taehwa Hospital (泰和病院) and Honorary Director at Haixi National Traditional Chinese Medicine City Hospital, Dr. Choi is a leading figure in the field. He is also a standing advisor at Yuehai National Traditional Chinese Medicine City Hospital. Dr. Choi is recognized for his expertise in both traditional and Western medicine, specializing in orthopedics, dermatology, plastic surgery, and rehabilitation medicine.

His affiliations include memberships in the Chinese Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and the Korean Association of Applied Neuromuscular Sciences (ICAK_KOREA). He is also an advisor to the Korean Applied Neuromuscular Society and holds recognition from the International College of Applied Kinesiology (USA), being a member of its Korean Chapter.

Dr. Choi Jinguk's career highlights include 35 years of orthopedic manual therapy know-how, with a focus on non-surgical spinal treatments, personalized integrated treatments, and precise diagnostics using 3TCT MRI X-ray technology. He has successfully treated various cases, from spinal issues to musculoskeletal disorders, earning him international acclaim and trust among patients. His commitment to patient care, combined with extensive clinical experience, positions him as a leader in the field of TCM Orthopedics.

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