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Dr. Hwang Dongsuk

Immune Hospital Gangseo

Pain Rehabilitation Doctor


Oriental Medicine


Korean Medicine


Years of experience:


Dr. Hwang Dongsuk is a distinguished medical professional serving as the Director of Pain Rehabilitation at Immune Hospital Gangseo who graduated from Dongguk University College of Korean Medicine. Dr. Hwang is an active member of the Korean Society of Oriental Medicine, the Korean Society of Osteopathy, and the Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute.

His commitment to continuous learning and professional development is highlighted by his achievement of the Diploma of Osteopathy Manual Practitioner (DOMP) and Diplomate of International Osteopathy Examining Board C.Ost (KOA). Dr. Hwang has also completed the PHI Pilates Certified Pilates Teacher program, showcasing his holistic approach to patient care that extends beyond traditional medicine.

Dr. Hwang's contributions to the field of alternative medicine are not only limited to his clinical practice but also include several patented inventions. Notably, he has developed innovative techniques such as the Micro Needle Acupuncture for sleep disorder improvement (Pyeongnon-dan), a tranquil formula composed of non-variable type 2 collagen compounds for cartilage regeneration, and a unique acupuncture stimulation device.

Furthermore, his dedication to advancing the field is evident through his role as a lecturer at the Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute and his involvement in the development of novel acupuncture techniques, including the Relaxing Acupuncture for muscle tension (technology transfer to the Acupuncture Society in 2011).

Dr. Hwang Dongsuk's extensive experience, comprehensive education, and innovative contributions to the field position him as a respected figure in the medical community. Patients at Immune Hospital Gangseo can trust in his expertise and commitment to providing personalized, holistic care for pain management and rehabilitation.

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