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Dr. Joo Jaewoong

Immune Hospital Gwangmyeong

Pain Rehabilitation Doctor


Oriental Medicine


Korean Medicine


Years of experience:


Dr. Joo Jaewoong, a graduate of Dongguk University's College of Korean Medicine, serves as the Clinical Director and Pain Rehabilitation Specialist at Immune Hospital Gwangmyeong.

With a robust background as the former Clinical Director at International Nursing Hospital and various Korean medicine hospitals including CMC 8 Chejil, Baekbi, Junggeun, and Saeron, Dr. Joo brings extensive expertise to the field. Active in various medical societies and recognized for contributions in health discussions through media platforms like Maeil Business Newspaper and MBN, Dr. Joo is dedicated to providing top-notch care, specializing in pain rehabilitation for patients at Immune Hospital Gwangmyeong.

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