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Dr. Jung Soohee

Onlif Plastic Surgery

Expert Doctor






Years of experience:


Dr. Jung Soohee, an esteemed Expert Doctor at Onlif Plastic Surgery, is dedicated to the art of resurfacing hidden and forgotten beauty. As a member of renowned organizations such as the Korean Aesthetic Surgery and Laser Society, the Korean Academy of Obesity & Aesthetic Treatment, and the Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology, and Trichology, Dr. Jung brings a wealth of expertise to the field.

With a commitment to continuous learning and advancement, Dr. Jung is affiliated with prestigious groups like the Korean Association of Clinical Aesthetic Medicine, the Korean Academy of Facelift & Contouring, and the Korean Primary Care Society. As a former doctor at Renovo Clinic in Busan and Olive Skin Clinic, Dr. Jung's experience spans diverse clinical settings, enriching her ability to provide top-notch aesthetic care.

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