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Dr. Kim Joowan

Immune Hospital Gwangmyeong

Pain Rehabilitation Doctor


Oriental Medicine


Korean Medicine


Years of experience:


Dr. Kim Joowan, a graduate of Daegu Haany University, serves as the Pain Rehabilitation Director at Immune Hospital Gwangmyeong.

With a rich history in various healthcare roles, including positions at Uljingun Medical Center and Seongju County Health Center in Gyeongsang province, he brings diverse experience to his current role. Dr. Kim's commitment to pain rehabilitation is exemplified by his leadership at Gusan Korean Medical Clinic and Kim Jeonggi Korean Medical Clinic.

Currently serving as the Director at Immune Hospital, he actively participates in the Chukcheu Sinnyeok Chunae Medicine Society and has been featured on MBC's 'Strange Wonderland: Daughter-in-law' program.

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