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Dr. Lee Seoha

ID Hospital

Petit Doctor






Years of experience:


Dr. Lee Seoha is a highly accomplished and renowned aesthetic surgeon, with a distinguished educational background and extensive experience in the field. She earned her medical degree from Seoul National University, showcasing her commitment to excellence and dedication to advancing her medical education.

Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Lee Seoha further honed her skills at the Kangwon National University Graduate School of Medicine, solidifying her foundation in medical expertise. Her training at the Catholic University of Korea's St. Mary's Hospital allowed her to gain valuable hands-on experience and refine her surgical techniques under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Dr. Lee Seoha is a respected full member of both the Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society and the Korean Society for Obesity and Aesthetic Treatment. These affiliations demonstrate her active involvement in the aesthetic surgery community, staying abreast of the latest developments and contributing to the advancement of the field.

With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Dr. Lee Seoha has held significant positions in the industry. She has served as the Director of TOXNFILL, showcasing her expertise in non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Additionally, her role as the Former Director of IVY Plastic Surgery further underscores her leadership and proficiency in the plastic surgery domain.

Dr. Lee Seoha is not only recognized for her technical prowess but also for her dedication to providing personalized and compassionate care to her patients. Her comprehensive approach to aesthetic surgery encompasses a deep understanding of individual needs and desires, ensuring optimal results and patient satisfaction.

As a prominent figure in the field of aesthetic surgery, Dr. Lee Seoha continues to contribute to the advancement of the industry and remains committed to delivering exceptional outcomes to her patients.

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