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Dr. Myung Noheung

Immune Hospital Gwangmyeong

System Integration Doctor


Oriental Medicine


Korean Medicine


Years of experience:


Dr. Myung Noheung, a distinguished graduate of Daegu University of Korean Medicine, serves as the System Integration Doctor and Pain Rehabilitation Specialist at Immune Hospital Gwangmyeong.

With a rich background as the former Chief Director of Tong Korean Medicine Hospital in Bucheon and Jangdeok Korean Medicine Hospital in Incheon, Dr. Myung has amassed extensive experience in the realm of Korean Medicine. Holding certifications in acupuncture, mind-body integration coaching, and membership in various professional societies such as the Immunotherapy Acupuncture Society, he is dedicated to advancing the field. Dr. Myung's holistic approach to healthcare, combining traditional and modern methods, reflects in his commitment to providing comprehensive patient care at Immune Hospital Gwangmyeong.

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