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Dr. Park Byungho

EYEHO Plastic Surgery Clinic

Owner & Plastic Surgeon


Plastic Surgery


Ptosis Correction, Seniors, Men, Revision Eye


Years of experience:


Plastic surgery specialist in double eyelid surgery reconstruction for women, men, and seniors. Dr. Park graduated from Korea University and previously worked at Wonjin Hospital, Jewelry Hospital, and CHA Bundang Medical Center.

Select Services:

1. Double Eyelid Lowering Technique: The surgical procedure reduces the size of existing double eyelids or lowers high double eyelids. It involves creating a new incision line below the existing one and removing excess skin to create a new double eyelid line. 

2. Sausage Double Eyelid Correction: Lack of adhesion between the skin tissue and the eye-opening muscles can lead to an unclear eye shape and prominent lower tissues. Precise diagnosis and surgery can fix the problem.

3. Eye Ptosis Correction: Cutting skin tissue to enhance the strength of eye-opening muscles, allowing for better exposure of the pupils and creating a sharper look, effective for severe eyelid drooping.

4. Double Eyelid for Men: Considering factors like skin thickness, fat, muscle distribution, and eyelid strength to create a natural double eyelid that enhances your unique facial features for an attractive look.

5. Upper Eyelid for Seniors: Aging can lead to sagging eyelids, causing vision discomfort and wrinkles. Eyelid surgery can address this issue, restoring elasticity, vitality and clarity to the eyes.

6. Lower Eyelid for Seniors: Aging can cause under-eye fat to sag, leading to puffiness and deep wrinkles. Lower eyelid surgery repositions fat, removes excess fat and wrinkles, giving a smooth, refreshed look.

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