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Dr. Shin Inseok

ID Hospital

Plastic Surgeon


Plastic Surgery


Plastic Sugery


Years of experience:


Dr. Shin Inseok is a highly accomplished medical practitioner, holding a degree in Medicine (M.D.) from Kyung Hee University School of Medicine. His commitment to advancing the field of oncology led him to pursue a fellowship at the National Cancer Center, where he specialized in Breast Cancer at the renowned Breast Cancer Center.

Throughout his academic and professional journey, Dr. Shin has been recognized for his contributions to the medical community. He holds full membership in esteemed organizations, including the Korean Surgical Society, reflecting his standing as a respected member of the surgical community. Additionally, his affiliation with the Korean Breast Cancer Society underscores his commitment to addressing and treating breast cancer, a disease with profound implications for global health.

Currently, Dr. Shin Inseok contributes his expertise to ID Hospital, where he continues to focus on research, patient care, and the advancement of knowledge in the field of breast cancer. His multidimensional approach, combining clinical experience with research and society involvement, positions him as a valuable asset in the ongoing battle against breast cancer.

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