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Dr. Song Jeongwha

Kyunghee Hyojeon Korean Medical Clinic

Korean Medicine Doctor


Oriental Medicine


Korean Medicine, Accupuncture


Years of experience:


Dr. Song Jeongwha is a distinguished Korean Medicine Doctor (KMD) with over four decades of experience, recognized internationally for revolutionizing facial acupuncture and nonsurgical face contouring. Currently, she serves as the President of the Korean Facial Rejuvenation Association, the sole learned society in Korea dedicated to this specialized field, and runs Kyunhee Hyojeon Korean Medical Clinic.

In 1999, Dr. Song introduced a groundbreaking method of facial rejuvenation and lifting called FACE (Facial Acupuncture for Charm and Elegance) that has since become a cornerstone in the field. Her expertise lies in achieving facial charm and elegance through acupuncture, making her a sought-after authority in the domain of facial aesthetics.

Dr. Song's commitment to advancing the field is evident in her extensive list of lectures and presentations across the globe. From addressing the Taipei Facial Acupuncture Society to sharing insights at the American Facial Acupuncture Society, her influence extends internationally. In 2023, she was invited to deliver a lecture at the American Facial Acupuncture Society and had previously been a guest speaker at the National University of Health and Sciences in November 2022.

Her academic contributions include numerous papers published in prestigious journals, showcasing the scientific rigor behind his methods. Noteworthy works include studies on the effects of Miso Facial Acupuncture on facial reduction and skin condition improvement, as well as a case study on Miso Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture's impact on intractable facial palsy.

Beyond her research, Dr. Song is dedicated to educating future practitioners. She has lectured at renowned institutions such as PICOaM (Pacific College of Oriental Medicine), the Taipei Chinese Medical University, and the AAAOM (American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) meetings.

Dr. Song's influence extends beyond the academic realm; she actively contributes to the global dialogue on acupuncture. Her participation in events like the World Scientific and Cultural Dialogue on Acupuncture in France and the Rothenberg TCM Kongress in Germany underscores her commitment to fostering international collaboration.

Currently based in Seoul, Korea, Dr. Song Jeongwha continues to push the boundaries of facial aesthetics, leaving an indelible mark on the field of Korean Medicine. Her dedication to innovation, coupled with a wealth of experience, solidifies her standing as a leading figure in the intersection of traditional medicine and modern facial aesthetics.

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