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Kelly Jungeun Oh

Artstyle, Fillmate, Bless Total Beauty




PMU Artist

Permanent Makeup


Years of experience:


Kelly Jeongeun Oh stands at the forefront of the beauty industry, embodying innovation and leadership. As the Founder & CEO of Fill Mate, a SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation) Academy brand, Kelly has redefined beauty standards, earning recognition with the 2023 Consumer Brand Grand Prize for SMP Education/CEO category from Kukmin Ilbo. She also serves as the Head of the Main Branch at Artstyle, a SMP and PMU (Permanent MakeUp) studio, and leads Bless Total Beauty & Academy, showcasing her diverse expertise. Kelly's influence extends globally as the Chairman of SISA International Beauty Federation, contributing to international beauty standards and holding IPSN Cosmetics Tattooing Certification and an International Tattoo License.

With a background in the medical field spanning a decade, a major in Total Beauty Studies, and various certifications, including nursing, hospital coordination, and skin beautician, Kelly is a seasoned professional. Her commitment to education is evident thSrough her role in developing NCS national job competency standards for SMP subjects and as a registered SMP education institution with the Korea Research Foundation.

Kelly's vision, combined with her leadership at KTF Lifelong Education Institute Incheon Branch and roles at the Central Association of Korean Tattooists and KSMP, positions her as a thought leader shaping the industry. With a KSMP MASTER COURSE DIPLOMA and a keen focus on community engagement, Kelly Jeongeun Oh continues to leave an indelible mark on the beauty landscape, inspiring professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Kelly Jungeun Oh
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