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Hyeonah Yun

Bellium Skin Center, Skin Agency






Seoul, Busan

Years of experience:


Hyeonah Yun, known as the founder of Bellium, is a leading entrepreneur in the field of skincare and beauty. As the CEO of Skin Agency (피부기획사), a specialized agency for solo entrepreneurs looking to establish their own skincare businesses, she has become a prominent figure in the industry.

Hyeonah is also the visionary leader behind Bellium Skin Center & Academy, where she serves as the CEO. Her expertise extends to boosting solo business revenues, as evidenced by her authored book "The Art of Failing (망하는 방법)", dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs through the challenges of starting their own ventures.

In addition to her role as a consultant specializing in the inclusion of cosmetic brands, Hyeonah holds the position of Director overseeing the Pharmesthetic's (파메스테틱) flagship store Pharmespot (파메스팟), a premier destination for pampering cosmetic experiences. Her outstanding achievements include being awarded the prestigious title of Pharmesthetic Grandmaster for three consecutive years, securing the top spot and winning eight accolades.

Hyeonah also shares her wealth of knowledge and experiences through her YouTube channel, Bellium.

Hyeonah Yun
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