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Hyunjeong Kim

Hyunjeong Kim Studio

Cosmetics Designer




Graphic Design


Years of experience:


Hyunjeong Kim is a distinguished Graphic Designer with a passionate focus on health and beauty industry, specializing in medical and cosmetic product design, packaging design, and branding. Her creative journey began at Hongik University, where she honed her skills and developed a keen eye for aesthetics.

With a remarkable portfolio, Hyunjeong has contributed her design and branding expertise to a variety of prestigious brands, including branding for Dr. Oracle (by Oracle Medical Group), Just Skin (by Medi N Research), Oseque, Melomeli, Secret Rose, Taylor scents, and Valkre as well as package designs for Dr. Oracle cosmetics and medical products, Just Skin cosmetics, Oseque global cosmetics line, Melomeli tone-up cream, Secret Rose filler and slimming injection, Taylor Scents perfurmes, and Valkre beauty device and cosmetic.

Her exceptional talent and dedication to enhancing the visual appeal of health and beauty products have made her an invaluable asset in the industry. Hyunjeong Kim's designs breathe life and allure into these products, contributing to their success and the satisfaction of their users.

Hyunjeong Kim
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