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Sunjoo Kim

Ium Beauty Lab




PMU Artist

Permanent Makeup


Years of experience:


Sunjoo Kim is a distinguished professional with a background in Industrial Design and a recognized Colorist. Holding the esteemed title of Digital Beauty Consultant, Sunjoo has demonstrated expertise through her completion of specialized courses such as Amagink Areola Medical, A&I Schendel Scalp Advanced, Art Makeup Expert, and the USA Permanent Makeup AAM Regular Course. Notably, she has also achieved mastery through the completion of the Master Course at Nouveau Contour Korea.

As an international instructor at Ain Academy, Gangnam Main Branch, Sunjoo assumes leadership roles as the director of Ain Beauty Lab in both Gangnam and Bundang Jeongja branches. Furthermore, she holds significant positions as the Vice President of the PMU Division at K-Art Makeup Association and Vice President of the Korean Sketch Makeup Association. Presently, Sunjoo serves as the director of Ium Beauty Lab.

Sunjoo's influence extends globally, having served as an international judge at the 11th International Beauty Artist Expo. She is a distinguished member of the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) in the USA, holding the prestigious CPCP certification. Her outstanding contributions have earned commendations from members of the National Assembly. Sunjoo plays a pivotal role as an executive member of the International Beauty Artist Expo, where she serves as the Chief Judge for Permanent Makeup at the International Body Art Contest and as a Judge for Permanent Makeup at the International Beauty Artist Contest. Notably, she was awarded the International Permanent Makeup Technology Award in 2018, and in 2022, she received the K-Art Master Award in Beauty Management.

Sunjoo Kim
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