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Jungsoon Go

Immune Hospital Gangseo

Clinical Nutritionist






Years of experience:


Ms. Jungsoon Go, the Nutrition Team Leader specializing in immune-boosting dietary therapy at Immune Hospital Gangseo, is a seasoned clinical nutritionist with 25 years of expertise in patient-specific and therapeutic nutrition.

Having served in leadership roles at renowned institutions such as St. Peter's Hospital, Yonsei Hospital, Good Doctor Healthy Hospital, and Wilz Memorial Hospital, Ms. Go has accumulated extensive experience in clinical nutrition management.

Currently holding the position of Nutrition Team Leader at Myeonryeok Korean Medicine Hospital, Ms. Go is committed to enhancing patient well-being through tailored nutritional interventions. Her academic background includes pursuing a master's degree at Ewha Womans University Graduate School.

As an active member of the Korean Society of Clinical Nutrition, Ms. Go continually advances her skills, holding certifications in various culinary disciplines, including Korean, Western, Japanese cuisine, and pufferfish preparation. Additionally, she is a certified barista recognized by the Korean Coffee Association.

Ms. Jungsoon Go's impressive career and dedication to nutritional excellence make her an invaluable asset to the Immune Hospital Gangseo team, where she plays a crucial role in implementing immune-boosting dietary strategies for patients.

Jungsoon Go
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