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Hyunjin Ahn

Micro Cheongdam

PMU Artist



PMU Artist

Permanent Makeup


Years of experience:


Hyunjin Ahn is a highly regarded professional in the beauty industry, specializing in permanent makeup and beauty aesthetics. With a wealth of experience, she has made significant contributions to the field, showcasing both skill and dedication.

Currently serving as the Director of Permanent Makeup at Micro Cheongdam, Hyunjin has held key roles in other prominent establishments, including Vice Director at Brow Doll Gangnam Main Branch and Representative Director at Rowell Re Brow Gangnam Branch.

Hyunjin's educational background is impressive, with certifications as a Makeup Artist, Permanent Makeup Specialist Instructor, and Makeup Education Instructor. Beyond makeup, she is certified in National Competency Standards (NCS), Personal Color Consulting, and holds qualifications as a Beauty Coordinator for both skin and makeup. Her adaptability is evident in her certification as a Social Media Marketing Specialist.

Internationally recognized, Hyunjin has completed courses accredited by ACE International Beauty Association and IPSN International Tattoo License. She also holds certification from the U.S. State Government's NIC (National Interstate Council). Notably, she has participated as a judge in the International Beauty Expert Competition and received the Grand Prize Masters title at the International Body Art Contest, highlighting her expertise and innovation in beauty aesthetics.

In essence, Hyunjin Ahn stands out as a skilled and accomplished professional in the beauty industry. Her journey, marked by various certifications and accolades, reflects her passion for beauty and commitment to advancing the field through education and artistic excellence.

Hyunjin Ahn
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