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Jieun Park

Oneul Beauty

PMU Artist



PMU Artist

Permanent Makeup


Years of experience:


Jieun Park, Director at Park Oneul Beauty, brings a wealth of expertise, having previously excelled as a Makeup Artist at L'Oreal and Noh Joowon Hair Graf Studio.

Holding ISO17024 and airbrush level 2 certifications, she seamlessly blends creativity with precision. With broadcast makeup artist level 3 and 2 certifications, a meridian manager certificate, and qualifications in foot care and aromatherapy, Ji-eun is a versatile professional. Her global recognition includes winning the Best Design Award at the APHCA Macau International Beauty Competition, underscoring her excellence in the ever-evolving beauty landscape.

- L’Oreal Makeup Artist

- Noh Joowon Hair Graf Makeup Artist

- ISO17024 semi-permanent international standard certification

- Airbrush level 2 certification

- Broadcast makeup artist level 3 and 2 and a meridian manager certificate

- Foot care and aromatherapy qualifications

- Best Design Award at APHCA (Asia Pacific Hairdressers & Cosmetologist Association) Macau International Beauty Competition

Jieun Park
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