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Sunjoong Kim

Yonsei Bonsarang Hospital

Director of Strategy



Hospital Mgmt

Hospital Export, Medical Device


Years of experience:


Sunjoong Kim, the Director of Strategy Planning at Yonsei Bonsarang Hospital, stands out as a distinguished professional with an extensive and diverse background in hospital management, MSO operations, strategic planning, overseas business, and healthcare services. He has made significant contributions to prominent organizations, including Yonsei Bonsarang Hospital, Lutronic, InoHealth (Seoul Chuk Hospital's MSO), TnTn Hospital, Hyosung Corporation's medical business, Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, Wooridul Spine Hospital in Shanghai and Seoul, and Samsung Jeil Hospital.

Sunjoong has been instrumental in various projects, showcasing his leadership in the development of medical information systems, bidirectional websites, and the planning of anniversary events. His educational journey includes a Bachelor's degree from Dongguk University and studies in Hospital Administration at Yonsei University Graduate School of Public Health.

It is noteworthy that Sunjoong Kim has been recognized for his expertise in the healthcare field and is appointed as a Global Healthcare Key Opinion Leader (GHKOL) by the Korean Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI). His commitment and contributions continue to shape the strategic landscape of healthcare institutions.

Sunjoong Kim
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