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Yang Cheng

Fortune 500 Company

Creative Manager




Graphic Design

Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen

Years of experience:


Yang Cheng is a seasoned Creative Manager, Brand Designer, and AIGC (Artificial Intelligence and Generative Content) Artist with over a decade of experience in interdisciplinary brand design. With a solid foundation in Visual Arts and Media Technology from Sun Yat-sen University, Yang's creative journey has taken them on an exciting path, leading to their current position at a Fortune 500 company.

Throughout their career, Yang has had the privilege of delivering design solutions in a wide range of industries, including medical aesthetics, fast-moving consumer goods, real estate, new media, cosmetics, and e-commerce. Collaborating with well-known corporations, they have consistently demonstrated their creative prowess and innovative thinking.

One of Yang's primary passions lies in the exploration of how AIGC technology can revolutionize the creative industry. As a dedicated practitioner in this cutting-edge field, Yang has not only witnessed but actively contributed to the integration of AIGC technology into the creative industry's value chain. With a deep understanding of AI and an exceptional eye for design, Yang firmly believes in the power of blending these two worlds. They create visual masterpieces that are not only highly imaginative but also uniquely tailored to infuse brands with unparalleled vitality.

As a Creative Manager, Yang Cheng continues to push the boundaries of creativity, seeking new perspectives, and unlocking the hidden potential of brands through their expertise in brand design, AIGC art creation, AI model training, and instruction. With locations spanning Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shenzhen, Yang is a dynamic force in the creative industry, dedicated to shaping the future of design and making a lasting impact in every project they undertake.

Yang Cheng
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