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Chosun University Hospital

Chosun University Hospital, a prominent healthcare institution, has embraced modern healthcare practices to enhance patient experience. Offering a non-face-to-face expert counseling service, the hospital prioritizes accessible healthcare solutions. Patients benefit from streamlined processes, including convenient doctor's appointments and comprehensive medical support encompassing outpatient services, admissions, general check-ups, examinations, as well as registration and payment. With a commitment to patient-centric care and innovative services, Chosun University Hospital continues to be a beacon of excellence in providing healthcare solutions in Korea.

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Number of beds:


Major centers:

Major procedures:

Popular services by foreign patients:

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General Healthcare

Tertiary General Hospital




Otolaryngology, Cancer, Orthopedics

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Rhinoplasty & Facelift, Da Vinci Robot Surgery for Cancer (Stomach, Colorectal, Breast, Thyroid), Total Knee Replacement & Arthroplasty



365 Pilmun-daero, Dong-gu, Gwangju, South Korea

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