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Busan ST. Mary's Hospital

Busan St. Mary's Hospital is a recognized healthcare institution committed to delivering high-quality medical services. With accreditation from KOIHA, the hospital houses 375 doctors and holds certification as both a Tertiary General Hospital and General Hospital. Its range of medical specialties spans Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, Pulmonology, and more, ensuring comprehensive care for patients. International patients benefit from English-speaking staff and interpreter services, making healthcare accessible. The hospital's commitment to seamless service includes direct-billing options with insurers like Tricare and GAP. Offering various medical procedures, from colonoscopies to sleep studies, and featuring departments such as Surgery, Neurology, Dentistry, and Radiology, Busan St. Mary's Hospital stands as a reliable healthcare partner for diverse medical needs.

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Major centers:

Major procedures:

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General Healthcare

General Hospital




Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics

Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Sleep Study



Busan St. Mary's Hospital, Yongho-ro 232beon-gil, Nam-gu, Busan, South Korea

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