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Ryan Yoon: New York Creative Director

[2023.11.14 Exprive]

Exprive is thrilled to welcome aboard a visionary and creative force, Ryan Yoon, as a prominent partner of Exprive Creatives. With a career spanning over two decades at the intersection of art, photography, and culture, Yoon brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective that promises to elevate Exprive's creative endeavors.

Ryan Yoon

A Pioneer in New York's Creative Scene

Hailing with an illustrious background as a "New York Creative Director," Ryan Yoon has left an indelible mark on the creative landscape. In 2011, he founded The GROUND Magazine, a groundbreaking annual compendium that goes beyond conventional trends, seamlessly blending high fashion, art, music, and culture. Yoon's innate ability to lead trends and his commitment to showcasing both seasoned and emerging talents make him a true luminary in the industry.

The GROUND Magazine
The GROUND Magazine

The GROUND Seongsu: A Visionary Architectural Feat

In 2020, Yoon expanded his creative vision with the launch of The GROUND Seongsu, an eleven-story building in Seoul, Korea. This architectural marvel underscores The GROUND's dedication to fostering creativity and amplifying diverse voices. As a testament to Yoon's commitment to providing a platform for artists and creators, The GROUND Seongsu stands as a creative factory and laboratory, offering unparalleled support and resources.

The GROUND Seongsu

Exhibition Art Director Extraordinaire

Yoon's role as the Exhibition Art Director of The GROUND Collective has seen him curate transformative experiences for renowned brands such as SAMSUNG and CHANEL. The "Pursuit of Happiness" exhibition in 2018 is a prime example, delving into the universal quest for happiness and inviting audiences on an introspective journey through Yoon's lens.

Samsung at Milk Gallery: The GROUND Collective
Samsung at Milk Gallery: The GROUND Collective
Samsung at Milk Gallery: The GROUND Collective
Samsung at Milk Gallery (The GROUND Collective)
CHANEL 1932 x Artistic Cube (The GROUND Collective)
CHANEL 1932 x Artistic Cube (The GROUND Collective)

Capturing the Essence Through Photography

As the Photographer of Ryan Yoon Studio, he captures diverse themes, from the vibrant "Girls in Color" to the introspective "Missing Rivers and Mountains." Yoon's portfolio reflects a commitment to refreshing perspectives and exploring the world's health & beauty, showcasing his versatility as a creative force.

Exprive x Ryan Yoon: A Fusion of Creativity

Yoon's collaborative spirit extends beyond creative projects to meaningful partnerships with artists, models, and brands. He consistently pushes boundaries in both commercial and fine art projects, reflecting a commitment not only to creativity but also to charitable contributions that position him as a global inspiration. Exprive is honored to partner with Ryan Yoon, bringing his transformative power of art where passion meets purpose. His unique vision, commitment to diversity, and relentless pursuit of creative excellence align seamlessly with Exprive's mission. Together, we look forward to pushing the boundaries of creativity and inspiring the world with innovative and impactful projects.

All You Can Get Coke by Ryan Yoon
All You Can Get by Ryan Yoon

Get ready to embark on a journey of artistic discovery as Ryan Yoon lends his creative genius to Exprive. Stay tuned for groundbreaking collaborations and projects that redefine the boundaries of creative expression!

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