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Southeast Asian Medical Tourism agencies sending patients to Korea

[2023.11.21 Exprive]

Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) unveils the medical tourism agencies in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Taiwan.

Southeast Asian Medical Tourism Agencies | Exprive

Thailand (20,408 patients to Korea)

  • Population: 72 million

  • GDP: $506 billion (2021)

  • Life Expectancy: 79 years

  • Beds per 1,000 People: 2.5

  • Leading Causes of Death: 1) Ischemic Heart Diseases, 2) Stroke, 3) Chronic Respiratory Diseases

  • Healthcare Industry: Various insurance schemes, including Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme (CSMBS), Social Security System (SSS), and Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS).

  • Medical Tourism Trends (Inbound): $5.6 billion medical tourism market (2022), growing at 18%.

  • Medical Tourism to Korea: 20,408 patients in 2022, ranked 4th (8.2% of total, 40% of 50,996 Southeast Asians)

  • Medical Tourism Organizations: AF Surgery Korea, Anda Korea Beauty Surgery, Annyeong Agency, Another Level Company, AP Beauty Design, Ari Beauty, Beauty Hae, Beauty Inside, Bombay Surgery, Bookko Agency, Cinderella Surgery, Gangnam Onnie, GDesire Agency, GM Tour & Travel, Grand New Life, Grandtoyou, Hunna Agency, Jewelry Medical Group, MNP Amethyst Group, My Dear Quality, NBK Plastic Surgery & Skincare Agency, Peony Aesthetics, Pin Thai Partners, SKI, Seoulme PS Company, SS Agency Medical Tourism, STM Style Mt, Surgery Review, Wonder Surgery

Vietnam (14,665 patients to Korea)

  • Population: 99 million

  • GDP: $363 billion (2021)

  • Life Expectancy: 74 years

  • Beds per 1,000 People: 2.5

  • Leading Causes of Death: 1) Stroke, 2) Ischemic Heart Disease, 3) Diabetes

  • Healthcare Industry: Combination of public and private systems, Universal healthcare coverage through public health insurance, Private health insurance covers ~35% of the population. Medical device market is 9th in Asia.

  • Medical Tourism Trends (Outbound): 40,000 people annually seek treatment abroad, with popular destinations being Singapore, China, Korea, USA, France, and Thailand. Common services sought include treatment for heart disease, cancer, and plastic surgery.

  • Medical Tourism to Korea: 14,665 people in 2022, 35% increase from 2021, ranked 5th (5.9%)

  • Medical Tourism Organizations: Asenkovi, Bach Mai Hospital, Bazan Vietnam Tourism, Best Price Travel, Cuba Friendship Hospital, Dai Viet International Tourism, Dasam Trading And Services, Dat Viet Tour Service Trading Investment, Elite Tour, Global Tourism Alliance, Grandviet International Tourist, Hai Dang Tourism Construction, Hanoitourist Party, Ho Chi Minh City Labour Union Tourism, Hong Ngoc Ha, Intertour Vietnam, Ben Thanh Tourism Services, JW Korea Plastic Hospital, Khat Vong Viet Travel and Trading, Korea Medical Tourism Center (KMTC), Manam, Maranatha, Mega Gangnam International Clinic, Nature Tourist, New Youth Tourism, Phuong Dong Medical Complex, Phuong Hoang Travel, Saigon Star Travel, Saigon Tourist Travel Service, ST Viko KL Group (R) Member, Sun Holidays, Tam Anh General Hospital, Tam Group, TGroup Trade & Travel, Top Ten Tourism Services, Trans Viet Travel, Transport Marketing and Tourism Vietnam Transport (Vietravel), TST Tourism & Trading Service, Tugo Tourism Company, Vietland Holiday, Vietluxtour Travel, Vietnam Booking, Vietnam Heritage Tourism, Vietnam Hoa Binh Tourism, Vietnam Peace Tour, Vietnam Tourism Communication, Vietnam Tourism Vitours, Vietnam Travel - Vietnam Tourism, Vietravel, Vietrendtravel, Vietsense Tourism, Vigotour Travel, Vina Group International Tourism

Mongolia (14,148 patients to Korea)

  • Population: 3.5 million

  • GDP: $15 billion (2021)

  • Life Expectancy: 71 years

  • Beds per 1,000 People: 8.0

  • Leading Causes of Death: 1) Ischemic Heart Disease, 2) Stroke, 3) Liver Cancer

  • Healthcare Industry: Introduced national health insurance in 1995, mandatory health insurance for the entire population as of 2023.

  • Medical Tourism Trends (Outbound): 80,000 people annually seek medical tourism, driven partly by the concentration of medical services in the capital region.

  • Medical Tourism to Korea: 14,148 people in 2022, ranked 6th (5.7%)

  • Medical Tourism Organizations: Airman, Ajimmunkh, AM Tour, Birga Tour, Bodit Alkham, Central Asia Travel, Chandmani Conculting, Creative Diamond, Damo Korea, Duga, ESNZ, ET Consult, Genco Tour Bureau, Gerel Medical Tour, IHC, Joy Mongolia Travel, Jun Medical Mongolia, MDK Medical, New Juulchin Tours, PSW, Reve, Second Central Hospital, Smart Korea International, Sorkhugtani, Total Asia, U Medical Tour, Uran Lombo Dental Clinic, Venus Medi Tour

Singapore (3,772 patients to Korea)

  • Population: 6 million

  • GDP: $397 billion (2021)

  • Life Expectancy: 83 years

  • Beds per 1,000 People: 2.8

  • Leading Causes of Death: 1) Ischemic Heart Disease, 2) Pneumonia, 3) Stroke

  • Healthcare Industry: Robust healthcare system, popular destination for medical tourism, key policies include 3M (Medisave, Medishield Life, Medifund) and Eldershield.

  • Medical Tourism Trends (Inbound): 5 million foreign patients annually to Singapore, accounting for 4% of tourism revenue. Ranks 2nd tourism country in the 2020-2021 Medical Tourism Index (MTI), following Canada.

  • Medical Tourism to Korea: 3,772 people in 2022, ranked 11th (1.5%)

  • Medica Tourism Organizations: Asia Global Vacation, Azza Travel & Tours, Chan Brothers Travel, Dynasty Travel International, EU Holidays, Expedia Singapore, Farmosa Holiday, Fayyaz Travels, Hong Thai Travel, Intriq Journey, Kent Holidays, King Jin Corporation, Klook Travel, M.I.C.E. Matters, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Nam Ho Travel, Nature Land, New Shan Travel, Pinnacle Travel Services, Planet Travel, SA Tours, Singapore Medical Group, Super Travels, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Travel Wander, WTS Travel & Tours

Indonesia (2,911 patients to Korea)

  • Population: 278 million

  • GDP: $1.2 trillion (2021)

  • Life Expectancy: 69 years

  • Beds per 1,000 People: 1.2

  • Leading Causes of Death: 1) Sroke, 2) Ischemic Heart Disease, 3) Diabetes

  • Healthcare Industry: JKN (National Health Insurance) system providing either free or low-cost treatment. Digital healthcare market is $930 million in 2023, growing at 11% annually. High dependence on imported medical devices, with China being the primary importer (24% in 2020).

  • Medical Tourism Trends (Outbound): Mostly outbound

  • Medical Tourism to Korea: 2,911 people in 2022, a 129% increase from 2021, ranked 13th (1.2%).

  • Medical Tourism Organizations: Bayu Buana Travel, Blibli Travel, First Orion Holidays, Golden Rama Tours & Travel, Haryono Tours & Travel, Jakarta Medical Center (JMC), Kia Tours, Meetcation Tour & Travel, MMC Hospital, Monas, My Tours, Obaja Tour, Panorama JTB Tours Indonesia, Pt. Angkasa Tour & Travel, Pt. Wisata Dewa Tour & Travel Services, Reira Tour, Savir Travel, Siloam Hospitals, Smailing Tour, TX Travel, Wahana Travel

Taiwan (1,327 patients to Korea)

  • Population: 24 million

  • GDP: $775 billion (2021)

  • Life Expectancy: 81 years

  • Beds per 1,000 People: 5.8

  • Leading Causes of Death: 1) Stroke, 2) Ischemic Heart Disease, 3) Diabetes

  • Healthcare Industry: Taiwan's National Health Insurance (NHI) issues a smart card for medical record. NHI constitutes 53% of Taiwan's total health expenditure.

  • Medical Tourism Trends (Inbound): Supported by Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Taiwan Medical Travel Task Force focuses on personalized medical services, including health check-ups, plastic surgery, and disease treatment by collaborating with 74 hospitals.

  • Medical Tourism to Korea: 1,327 patients in 2022, ranked 22nd (0.5%).

  • Medical Tourism Organzations: Comfort Travel Service, Everfun Holiday, EZFly, Fantasy Tours, Favor Holiday, JET, Life Travel & Tourist Service, Lion Travel Service, Min-Sheng General Hospital, Peace Tour, Richmond Tours, San Yi Travel Service, Worldwide Travel, YO Tour, YOHO Tour Travel Service

Malaysia (1,284 patients to Korea)

  • Population: 34 million

  • GDP: $373 billion (2021)

  • Life Expectancy: 75 years

  • Beds per 1,000 People: 1.9

  • Leading Causes of Death: 1) COVID-19, 2) Ishemic Heart Disease, 3) Pneumonia

  • Healthcare Industry: Digital healthcare market to grow from $510 million in 2023 to $750 million in 2027.

  • Medical Tourism Trends (Inbound): 1.2 millions foreign patients to Malaysia in 2019, mostly from Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, England, and the US. Significant growth in inbound medical tourism since 2011.

  • Medical Tourism to Korea: 1,284 people in 2022, mainly plastic surgery (40%), internal medicine (20%), and dermatology (17%), ranked 23rd (0.5%).

  • Medical Tourism Organizations: ABC Holidays (Airlines Booking Centre), Alpha IVF & Women's Specialists, Alpha Fertility Centre, Apple Vacations, Ara Damansara Medical Centre, Beacon Hospital, Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, Borneo Exploration Tours & Travel, Cardiac and Vascular Sentral Kuala Lumpur, CDU Malaysia, Clinic Rui/Rui Slim & Skin, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Harvest Vacations, Hello Holidays, K2 Global Travel, Mahkota Medical Centre, Malaysian Harmony Tour & Travel, Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Parlo Tours, Pearl Holiday (M) Travel & Tour, Prince Court Medical Centre, Reliance Premier Travel, Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC), Sunfert International Fertility Centre, Sunway Medical Centre, Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara, TMC Fertility and Women’s Specialist Centre, Travoyage Holiday, Vi Vacation & Travel Services


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