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MEDICON Summer Mixer: A Premier Gathering of Medical and Beauty Innovators

June 11, 2024

This summer, an exclusive event awaits those at the forefront of the beauty and medical fields. Mark your calendars for the MEDICON Summer Mixer, scheduled for June 12, 2024, in Gangnam Seoul, South Korea. This eagerly anticipated invitation-only event will gather the crème de la crème of Korean medical professionals, influencers, and diplomats, all converging to celebrate the esteemed Korean science of beauty. 


Exprive , in collaboration with 20 leading clinics and beauty companies, presents an exclusive and influential gathering to promote health, beauty, and cross-cultural exchange. Exprive is a leading company dedicated to fostering a community of around 5,000 expatriate influencers across Asia, with a strong presence in South Korea. Harnessing the diverse talents and extensive social media reach of its members, Exprive facilitates impactful marketing and cultural exchange opportunities. Additionally, the company ensures easy and reliable access to medical treatments and promotes beauty and wellness services. 


The MEDICON Summer Mixer 2024 is set to be an engaging and enriching experience for 150 carefully selected guests. Attendees will include expat influencers, foreign diplomats, government officials, health and beauty companies, media representatives, and creative directors. 


Expert Panels and Discussions: Dive deep into the latest advancements in Korean medical science through insightful panels featuring top medical professionals. Learn about cutting-edge beauty treatments and technologies shaping the future. Networking Opportunities: Rub shoulders with key players in the industry. This event is a prime opportunity to connect with influencers and diplomats who are driving innovation in beauty and medical science. Live Demonstrations: Witness exclusive live demonstrations of the latest beauty treatments and procedures. Experience firsthand how Korean innovations are revolutionizing the global beauty landscape. Exhibitions: Discover the newest products and services from select brands. Engage with innovative approaches that are setting new benchmarks in the beauty and medical fields. 


The MEDICON Summer Mixer is backed by a host of prestigious clinics and beauty companies, including: 

  • Zerone Cellvane 

  • Gwanghwamun169 

  • Minish Dental 

  • Bong Bong Plastic Surgery 

  • Mojelim Hair Implant 

  • Beauty Again 

  • Banobagi Plastic Surery 

  • Banobagi Dermatologic 

  • Banobagi Cosmetics 

  • Radexel 

  • Charmjin Korean Medicine 

  • Human Dermatology Clinic 

  • Pastel Human Dermatology Clinic 

  • Doctor Lee TV (YouTube) 

  • Ganadara 

  • Exprive 

  • Classys 

  • Sungwoo Genetech 

  • Lullulab

  • YT Industrial Development 


Promoting beauty and health treatments on a global scale is increasingly important. Korean medical science and beauty treatments have consistently set new standards in innovation and efficacy, attracting a global audience. The MEDICON Summer Mixer serves as a pivotal platform to showcase these advancements, fostering international collaborations and spreading cutting-edge knowledge worldwide. By bringing together a diverse group of professionals and influencers from different parts of the globe, the event underscores the global impact of Korean beauty and health innovations. It highlights the potential for these treatments to improve quality of life, boost confidence, and promote overall well-being on an international level. 


Please stay tuned for future updates and innovations from Exprive and their future endeavours in the world of beauty and health promotion. As we prepare to welcome you to this remarkable occasion, we are reminded of the importance of collaboration and the sharing of knowledge in advancing our industries. The MEDICON Summer Mixer 2024 is poised to be a landmark event, bringing together a diverse group of influential figures in a dynamic and engaging environment. This event is a glimpse into the future of beauty and health promotion, where innovation and expertise converge to push the boundaries of what is possible.



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