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Ryan Yoon

Ryan Yoon

With over two decades as a "New York Creative Director", Ryan Yoon is a force at the crossroads of art, photography, and culture. In 2011, he launched The GROUND Magazine, a testament to his creative prowess and a bridge connecting established professionals with emerging artists. This annual compendium of high fashion, art, music, and culture consistently leads trends, spotlighting both seasoned and emerging talents. As the Exhibition Art Director of The GROUND Collective, Yoon curated transformative experiences for brands like Samsung and Chanel, as well as the evocative "Pursuit of Happiness".

In 2020, Yoon elevated his vision with the launch of The GROUND Seongsu, an eleven-story building in Seoul, Korea. This architectural feat underscores The GROUND's commitment to fostering creativity and amplifying diverse voices. As the Photographer of Ryan Yoon Studio, he captures diverse themes, from the vibrant "Girls in Color" to the introspective "Missing Rivers and Mountains." Yoon's portfolio reflects a commitment to refreshing perspectives and exploring the world's health & beauty.

Yoon's collaborative spirit extends to partnerships with artists, models, and brands, pushing boundaries in commercial and fine art projects. Beyond creativity, he is a driving force in cultivating charitable contributions, positioning him as a luminary inspiring professionals and emerging talents globally. Ryan Yoon's journey is a testament to the transformative power of art when passion meets purpose.

The GROUND Magazine

The GROUND breaks the mold of a conventional magazine. While an established publication focuses on reviews and suggestions of cultures and trends, The GROUND takes one step further to provide its audience with cutting edge ideas in art, fashion, music, architecture and etc. through creative, collaborative reviews and suggestions from its participants.

The GROUND Magazine by Ryan Yoon | Exprive

The GROUND Seongsu

The mission of The GROUND building is to energize a vibrant new neighborhood in Seoul by merging commercial ventures with creative platforms. It aims to function as a creative factory and laboratory for artists and creators, providing a canvas for their creativity both inside and outside the building. The GROUND is envisioned as the ideal platform for individuals seeking to bring their creative ideas to life, offering them the necessary support and resources.

The GROUND Seongsu by Ryan Yoon  | Exprive
The GROUND Seongsu by Ryan Yoon  | Exprive
The GROUND Seongsu by Ryan Yoon  | Exprive

The GROUND Collective


The GROUND Collective presents "A Phenomenological Exhibition," exploring the relationship between readers and printed matter through remediated artworks. The exhibition features screen-based installations that reexamine the content of The GROUND magazine, specifically its second and latest issues, in a gallery setting. It focuses on contemporary practices and the remediation of various artistic works in connection with everyday objects and the experience of phenomena. SAMSUNG smart TVs, tablets, and handsets are used to engage visitors with the installations, which revolve around art, architecture, and fashion themes. The exhibition is curated by Ryan Yoon, the editor-in-chief of The GROUND, and Saulo Madrid. It showcases eight screen-based installations, featuring remediated works from John Baldessari, Robert Polidori, Magnum Photos, Tadao Ando, Santiago Calatrava, Rad Hourani, Azzedine Alaïa, Siki Im, The Black Soft, Beni Bischof, Jenny Mörtsell, and Erik Mark Sandberg.



"The Pursuit of Happiness" exhibition, held in 2018, delves into the timeless and universal quest for happiness. Not merely an exploration of the artist's answers, but a presentation of the profound journey undertaken by Ryan Yoon in his 16-year pursuit of the elusive key to happiness. From New York to the exhibition space, Yoon's reflections on life's meaning and the fundamental essence of happiness are seamlessly woven together. This exhibition invites audiences to embark on a brief introspective journey, contemplating their own pursuit of happiness and embracing the art of finding joy in life's myriad experiences.


"Refreshing Your Eyes: New York" project explores the concept of finding freshness and novelty in the familiar. It delves into the idea that when a place becomes part of our daily routine, it can lose its ability to inspire or provide new photographic opportunities. 'Refreshing Your Eyes' seeks to breathe new life into the photographer's everyday surroundings, much like borrowing the perspective of a friend visiting from a distant place.

With 17 years having passed, the project reimagines the everyday scenes of New York, imagining how someone new to the city might see it with fresh eyes during their first two weeks of visiting. This project allows us to experience the freshness and comfort of everyday life from a new perspective, embodying Marcel Proust's notion that true travel isn't just about discovering new places but also about finding novelty in the familiar.