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Dr. Hwang Seunghwan

AVANT Plastic Surgery Clinic

Owner & Plastic Surgeon


Plastic Surgery


Eye, Nose, Lips


Years of experience:


Dr. Seunghwan Hwang, the esteemed director of Avant Plastic Surgery Clinic, is a highly qualified plastic surgeon with a comprehensive academic background. Holding a Master's degree from Dongguk University College of Medicine, he further completed his Ph.D. in Plastic Surgery from the same institution. Dr. Hwang previously worked at MIND Plastic Surgery Clinic.

He is an active member of prestigious organizations such as the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Korean Society of Head and Neck Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Hwang's notable contributions extend beyond his clinical practice, with an impressive portfolio of research and publications. His work includes pioneering studies on topics ranging from innovative flap techniques to the atypical presentation of subungal melanoma. With extensive training and a commitment to advancing the field, Dr. Seunghwan Hwang stands as a prominent figure in the realm of plastic surgery.

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