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Dr. Kim Hyohun

ID Hospital

Plastic Surgeon


Plastic Surgery


Plastic Sugery


Years of experience:


Dr. Kim Hyohun, a highly accomplished plastic surgeon at ID Hospital, boasts an extensive academic and professional background. He earned his Ph.D. from Kyungbook University, specializing in the Department of Plastic Surgery, demonstrating a commitment to advanced education in the field.

His international exposure includes serving as an exchange professor at Harvard University Hospital in the USA, contributing to a global perspective on plastic surgery. Dr. Kim's expertise was further recognized during his tenure as a professor in the Department of Plastic Surgery at Yeungnam University. Additionally, his invitation as a guest professor by Dr. Koshima at Tokyo University, Japan, highlights the international recognition of his skills and knowledge.

As a full member of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery and the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Kim actively participates in these esteemed professional communities, staying abreast of global advancements in plastic surgery. He has also authored the book "Cosmetic Surgery Volume 1 (Redeemed Edition)," showcasing his commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise with the broader medical community.

Dr. Kim Hyohun's comprehensive experience, academic achievements, and international recognition solidify his standing as a distinguished plastic surgeon at ID Hospital and a respected figure in the global plastic surgery community.

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