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Dr. Kim Jiyoung

Immune Hospital Gangseo

Internal Medicine Specialist


Oriental Medicine


Korean Medicine


Years of experience:


Embarking on a journey in Korean Medicine, Dr. Kim Jiyoung graduated from Daejeon University School of Korean Medicine. Her dedication led her to specialize in Traditional Korean Medicine Internal Medicine at Daejeon University Hospital, where she honed her expertise. Dr. Kim's professional journey includes notable roles as the former Clinical Director at Inega Korean Medicine Hospital and Soram Korean Medicine Hospital, showcasing her commitment to patient care.

Currently serving as the Director at Immune Hospital Gangseo, Dr. Kim brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the institution. As an active member of esteemed societies, including the Korean Society of Stroke and Circulation Neurology, she remains dedicated to advancing the field. Dr. Kim's scholarly contributions, such as her published papers, underscore her commitment to sharing knowledge and improving patient outcomes in Traditional Korean Medicine Internal Medicine. Immune Hospital Gangseo benefits from Dr. Kim Jiyoung's rich background, ensuring a commitment to excellence in the realm of Traditional Korean Medicine.

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