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Dr. Lee Okhee

ID Hospital

Plastic Surgeon


Plastic Surgery


Plastic Sugery


Years of experience:


Dr. Lee Okhee, a distinguished plastic surgeon at ID Hospital, graduated from Kyung Hee University Graduate School of Medicine. Her commitment to the field is exemplified by her residency at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Breast Cancer Center, where she gained specialized knowledge in breast cancer care.

As a full member of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lee actively contributes to the aesthetic plastic surgery community in Korea. Her dedication extends to the realm of breast cancer care, where she is a full member of the Korean Breast Cancer Society. This dual membership underscores her comprehensive approach to patient well-being, encompassing both aesthetic and oncological aspects of plastic surgery.

Dr. Lee Okhee's education, residency, and active involvement in professional societies position her as a compassionate and skilled plastic surgeon at ID Hospital, dedicated to providing holistic care and contributing to advancements in both aesthetic and breast cancer surgery.

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