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Dr. Song Dongjun

Immune Hospital Gangseo

Pain Rehabilitation Doctor


Oriental Medicine


Korean Medicine


Years of experience:


Dr. Song Dongjun, as the Clinic Director specializing in pain rehabilitation at Immune Hospital Gangseo, brings a wealth of expertise to his role. A graduate of Daegu Haany University College of Korean Medicine, Dr. Song has a solid educational foundation.

With a distinguished career path, he has served as Clinic Director at Gangnam Hansung Korean Medicine Hospital, Director of Medical Affairs at Thehada Korean Medicine Hospital, and currently holds the position of Director at Myeonryeok Korean Medicine Hospital.

Dr. Song actively engages in various professional societies, including the Korean Society of Korean Medicine, Korean Spinal Joint Association, Korean Herbal Medicine Association, Clinical Acupuncture Society, and Korean Joint Rehabilitation Association, showcasing his commitment to continuous professional development.

His extensive experience in clinical practice and involvement in reputable medical societies underline Dr. Song Dongjun's dedication to providing high-quality care in the field of pain rehabilitation at Immune Hospital Gangseo.

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