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Dr. Yoo Jongmin

Immune Hospital Gwangmyeong

Korean Medicine Doctor


Oriental Medicine


Korean Medicine


Years of experience:


Dr. Yoo Jongmin, a highly esteemed practitioner in the field of traditional Korean medicine, currently holds the position of Director at Immune Hospital Gwangmyeong Branch. His educational journey began at Kyung Hee University's College of Korean Medicine, where he successfully graduated, laying the foundation for his subsequent impactful career. Complementing his medical expertise, Dr. Yoo pursued higher studies in counseling, earning a master's degree from the Korea Counseling Graduate School.

The breadth of Dr. Yoo's experience in healthcare encompasses notable roles such as the Chief of Traditional Korean Medicine at the Armed Forces Seoul District Hospital, where he dedicated his skills to military personnel's well-being. He also served as the Director of the former Jasaeng Hanbang Hospital and held the position of Representative Director at the Tonton Madi Joint Hospital in Incheon and Jangdeuk Hospital of Korean Medicine, showcasing his versatile leadership in various medical institutions.

Dr. Yoo's commitment to advancing the field of traditional Korean medicine is evident in his active engagement in academic research. He has contributed significantly to the knowledge base with papers such as "The Effects of Hanbang Treatment on the Electrocardiogram Findings of Patients with Functional Dyspepsia" (published in the Journal of Korean Internal Medicine, 2004) and "The Utility of Electrocardiograms in the Differential Diagnosis of Functional Dyspepsia" (published in the Journal of Korean Internal Medicine, 2005). His research extends to the psychological aspects of pain, as seen in his work on "The Impact of Neuroticism and Pain Anxiety on Pain Intensity" (published in the Korean Journal of Psychology: Health, 2017).

With his wealth of experience, educational background, and commitment to advancing traditional Korean medicine, Dr. Yoo Jongmin continues to make significant contributions to the healthcare landscape as the Director of Immune Hospital Gwangmyeong Branch, providing holistic and patient-centered care.

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