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Dr. Yoo Soohyung

ID Hospital

Dermatology Specialist


Dermatology, Dental


Filler, Thread


Years of experience:


Dr. Yoo Soohyung, a distinguished board-certified Dermatologist, holds dual degrees from Seoul National University, graduating from both the College of Medicine and the School of Dentistry. Her unique combination of medical and dental expertise enriches her holistic approach to dermatological care.

As a Full Member of the Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society, the Korean Association of Anti-aging Medicine, the Korean Association of Stem cell & Tissue Regeneration, the Korean Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and the Korean Society for The Study of Obesity, Dr. Yoo is actively involved in advancing various facets of medical science.

Her previous association with Dream Plastic Surgery Clinic reflects her commitment to delivering top-notch aesthetic solutions. Dr. Yoo Soohyung's comprehensive education, diverse expertise, and active participation in professional societies exemplify her dedication to providing patients with cutting-edge and personalized dermatological and aesthetic care.

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