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Dr. Yu Juyeon

ID Hospital

Petit Center


Family Medicine


Family Medicine


Years of experience:


Dr. Yu Juyeon, a seasoned medical professional, began her journey at Severance Hospital as an intern and later as a trainee in the Department of Family Medicine. Her dedication to family medicine led her to become a specialist in the field. Dr. Yu Juyeon's expertise extends to various roles, including Deputy Director at Chungdam Soyo clinic and The Cell Skin Dermatology. She has served as the Director of the Obese Lifting Center at The Cell Skin Dermatology and as the Deputy Director at Gangnam Samsung Lamar Clinic.

Throughout her career, Dr. Yu Juyeon has demonstrated a commitment to advancing medical knowledge, evident in her roles as a Member of the Korean Society of Clinical Beauty and the Korean Society of Laser Dermatology. Her contributions also include a noteworthy SCI thesis in medicine.

Dr. Yu Juyeon's leadership and skills were further showcased during her tenure as the Chief Director at ID clinic Gangnam. Her diverse experience and continuous pursuit of excellence make her a respected figure in the medical community.

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