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AB Plastic Surgery Clinic



Embarking on a transformative journey at AB Plastic Surgery Clinic, individuals discover a place where aesthetic aspirations come to life. Led by Dr. Bae Inho, the distinguished medical team prioritizes warm communication and ensures the comfort of each visitor.

Specializing in procedures ranging from eyelid and nose surgeries to male-focused enhancements, contouring, and breast procedures, the clinic aims to create beauty that is uniquely individual. Driven by a commitment to safety and perfection, the experienced professionals at AB Plastic Surgery Clinic seamlessly blend harmonious beauty with a focus on continuous improvement, surpassing expectations.

AB Plastic Surgery Clinic differentiates itself as a welcoming space—a hospital that feels like family. It aspires to be a trusted recommendation for parents, family, and close friends. Safety remains the top priority, evident in the clinic's 100% safety system, emphasizing dedication to healthy beauty.

Explore the world of AB Plastic Surgery Clinic, where every detail is tailored to make individuals feel confidently beautiful. Prospective clients are encouraged to contact the clinic for a consultation, initiating a personalized journey towards enhanced beauty.



Plastic Surgery

Top services:

Eye Surgery, Nose Surgery, Facial Contouring





English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean



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