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MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic


Welcome to MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic, where artistry and expertise converge to redefine beauty under the skilled hands of Dr. Lee Sungwook. Renowned as a Plastic Surgery Specialist, Dr. Lee boasts unparalleled proficiency in breast, eye, and nose surgery, along with a mastery of facial contouring and the delicate art of baby face lifting.

Beyond his role as a Plastic Surgeon Specialist, Dr. Lee Sungwook holds the esteemed position of Adjunct Professor at Seoul Asan Medical Center, a testament to his academic prowess and dedication to advancing the field of plastic surgery. As the Head Doctor at GangNeung Asan Hospital Plastic Surgery, he brings his wealth of experience to the forefront, ensuring the highest standards of patient care and surgical innovation.

MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of aesthetic enhancement, with specialties ranging from transformative breast surgeries to the subtle intricacies of baby face lifting, and the precision of eye and nose surgeries. Dr. Lee Sungwook's commitment to achieving harmonious and natural results reflects not only his technical prowess but also his deep understanding of individual beauty aspirations.

Step into a realm where your aesthetic dreams become a reality, guided by the hands of a true visionary in the field. MINE Plastic Surgery Clinic invites you to discover the epitome of beauty, where every procedure is an art, and every patient is a masterpiece.



Plastic Surgery, Dermatology

Top services:

Breast & Eye Surgery, Baby Face Lifting





English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean


Monday - Friday 10AM - 7PM
Saturday 10AM - 4PM


586-3 Sinsa-dong, Gannam-gu, Seoul
서울시 강남구 논현로 813

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