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Korean Cosmetics Retail Marketplaces for Global Beauty Enthusiasts

[2023.10.28 Exprive] In our prior blog "Korean Cosmetics Wholesale Marketplaces for Global Retailers and Brands", we delved into a variety of Korean cosmetics wholesale platforms catering to global retailers. This time, we aim to introduce you to Korean online marketplaces serving customers globally. We'll skip the fluff and get right to the point with a list of companies.

A. Headquarters in Korea (alphabetical order)

AKOCO: Headquartered in Seoul, AKOCO is an integrated K-beauty online marketplace with an warehouse in the US. AKOCO stands for All about KOrean COsmetics.

AKOCO / Exprive

Althea: Founded in 2015, Althea ships from Korea to over 200 countries. Althea is a national flower of Korea.

Althea / Exprive

BeautyNetKorea: Founded in 2015 in Incheon, BeautyNetKorea offers 120 brands for 300,000 customers in 150 countries. It also offers wholesalers market called Korea Cosmetic Mall and has 3 cosmetic brands: EyeNLip, Fabyou, and Sumhair.

BeautyNetKorea / Exprive

Be Mused Korea: Be Mused Korea (BMK) is a Seoul-based online curation shop bringing the cruelty-free skincare with clean formulations and a weekly editorial blo called K Beauty Muse.

Be Mused Korea (BMK) / Exprive

DodoSkin: Established in 2022, DodoSkin is a global e-commerce platform dedicated to bringing K-beauty to the world from Busan and Walnut California.

DodoSkin / Exprive

JOLSE: Based in Suwon, JOLSE is a global beauty distributor that connects 170 beauty brands and 27,000 products with 560,000 customers in 180 countries. In May 2020, Jolse was acquired by Barunson, leading content platform conglomerate listed in KOSDAQ.

JOLSE / Exprive

Korea Skin Mall: Founded in 2018, Korea Skin Mall is based in Goyang, Korea, delivering products globally.

Korea Skin Mall / Exprive

Olive Young Global: Owned by CJ Group, Olive Young was founded in 1999 and launched its global platform Olive Young Global Mall in 2019.

Olive Young Global Mall / Exprive

Q-depot: Founded in 2012, Q-depot is the wholesale & retail supplier of Korean cosmetics for 35,000+ registered customers in 100+ countries. It has regional offices in Gwangju, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Philippines.

Q-depot / Exprive

StyleKorean: StyleKorean is a global k-beauty ecommerce platform delivering 800 k-beauty and k-food products and 220 brands to 1 million customers worldwide via 1,500 partners across 100 countries. It facilitates crossborder ecommerce and offers fulfillment & drop shipping services, simplifying market operations, inventory management, consignment delivery, and marketing. Its operted by a KOSDAQ listed company called Silicon2.

StyleKorean by Silicon2 / Exprive

Wishtrend: Wishtrend is a beauty commerce company whose philosophy lies in restoring the skin’s natural beauty by providing customers effective skincare solutions through a hand-selected collection of products and brands. It also has 3 cosmetic brands: Klairs, By Wishtrend (hypoallergenic & high functioning skincare born from 5 million Wishtrend skincare community), and elmt (direct cosmetics brand that comes face to face with skin concerns).

Wishtrend / Exprive

Zezeya: Based in Ilsan, Korea, Zezeya is a Korean cosmetic marketplace shipping globally.

Zezeya / Exprive

B. Headquarters in other countries (alphabetical order)

Care to Beauty (Portugal): Care to Beauty is an online store that offers cosmetic, wellness, and beauty products from Europe and other countries including Korea.

Care to Beauty / Exprive

Luxiface (Singapore): Based in Singapore, Luxiface is a team of skincare specialists offering authentic K-Beauty products from its fulfillment center in Seoul. It also has an office in Mumbai, India.

Luxiface / Exprive

Stylevana (HK): Based in Hong Kong, Stylevana is online shop for the trendy Asian fashion and beauty products.

Stylevana / Exprive

YesStyle (HK): Based in Hong Kong, YesStyle is a marketplace for Asian and Asia-inspired fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products with 20 years of experience. It offers 300 beauty brands, including clean, cruelty-free, organic, vegan, and eco-friendly options. Co-founded by Joshua Lau and Priscilla Chu, YesStyle went public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2021 and has over 400 employees.

YesStyle / Exprive



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