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45 Tertiary General Hospitals in Korea for International Patients

[2023.11.12 Exprive]

Designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare,"Tertiary General Hospitals" in Korea specialize in providing high-quality medical services for severe illnesses. The rigorous evaluation process conducted every three years ensures that these institutions maintain exceptional standards in medical capabilities, education, facilities, and patient care.

Tertiary General Hospitals are equipped to handle complex medical procedures, including cancer treatments and organ transplants. The criteria for designation include having over 20 specialized medical departments with dedicated specialists, training future medical professionals, meeting specific staffing and facility requirements, and maintaining a patient composition that aligns with national health guidelines. These hospitals enjoy various benefits, including a 5% higher reimbursement rate and recognition as leading medical institutions, making them sought after by both local and international patients.

The designation of the fourth batch of 45 Tertiary General Hospitals in 2020 highlights the government's commitment to enhancing the nation's healthcare infrastructure.

Seoul (14):

Asan Medical Center

Chung-Ang University Hospital

Ewha Womans University Medical Center Mokdong Hospital

Gangnam Severance Hospital (Yonsei)

Hanyang University Hospital

Kangbuk Samsung Hospital

Korea University Anam Hospital

Korea University Guro Hospital

Konkuk University Medical Center

Samsung Medical Center

Seoul National University Hospital

Severance Hospital (Yonsei)

Kyung Hee University Hospital

Tertiary General Hospitals in Korea / Exprive

Gyeonggi province (8):

Ajou University Hospital

Chuncheon Severance Hospital (Yonsei University Health System)

Gachon University Gil Medical Center (Incheon)

Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital

Inha University Hospital (Incheon)

Korea University Ansan Hospital

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

The Catholic University of Korea Incheon St. Mary's Hospital (Incheon)

Tertiary General Hospitals in Korea / Exprive

Gyeongsang province (12):

Chilgok Kyungpook National University Hospital (Daegu)

Daegu Catholic University Hospital (Daegu)

Dong-A University Hospital (Busan)

Gyeongsang National University Hospital

Inje University Busan Paik Hospital (Busan)

Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center (Daegu)

Kyungpook National University Hospital (Daegu)

Pusan National University Hospital (Busan)

Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital (Busan)

Sungkyunkwan University Samsung Changwon Hospital

Ulsan University Hospital (Ulsan)

Yeungnam University Hospital (Daegu)

Tertiary General Hospitals in Korea / Exprive

Jeolla province (5):

Chonnam National University Hospital (Gwangju)

Chosun University Hospital (Gwangju)

Hwasun Chonnam National University Hospital

Jeonbuk National University Hospital

Wonkwang University Hospital

Tertiary General Hospitals in Korea / Exprive

Chungcheong province (4):

Cheonan Severance Hospital (Yonsei University Health System)

Chungbuk National University Hospital

Chungnam National University Hospital (Daejeon)

Dankook University Hospital

Tertiary General Hospitals in Korea / Exprive

Kangwon province (2):

Gangneung Asan Hospital

Wonju Severance Christian Hospital (Yonsei University Health System)

International Patient Services:

One notable aspect of Korean Tertiary General Hospitals is their commitment to serving foreign patients. As hubs of medical excellence, these hospitals actively cater to the needs of international patients, offering specialized services to make their healthcare experience seamless and comfortable.

1. Multilingual Staff: Tertiary General Hospitals recognize the diverse backgrounds of their international patients. Therefore, many hospitals employ multilingual staff, including doctors, nurses, and support personnel, to ensure effective communication and understanding.

2. Specialized International Patient Centers: To facilitate a smoother experience for foreign patients, many of these hospitals have dedicated International Patient Centers. These centers provide assistance with appointment scheduling, medical coordination, translation services, and general guidance throughout the treatment process.

3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Tertiary General Hospitals boast cutting-edge medical technology and state-of-the-art facilities. This not only ensures the highest standard of care but also allows them to offer advanced treatments and procedures that may not be available in other countries.

4. Cultural Sensitivity: Recognizing the importance of cultural nuances in healthcare, these hospitals often incorporate cultural sensitivity into their services. From providing international cuisines to accommodating cultural practices, they strive to make foreign patients feel at home during their medical journey.

5. Collaboration with Global Insurance Providers: Many Tertiary General Hospitals collaborate with international insurance providers, simplifying the billing process for foreign patients. This collaboration ensures that patients can avail themselves of the benefits offered by their insurance plans seamlessly.

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