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Korean Health & Beauty business enabler.

Exprive is your gateway to the latest innovations in the Korean Health & Beauty (H&B) industry. We specialize in discovering cutting-edge H&B services and products from Korea, catering to enterprises, professionals, and students interested in engaging with this sector on a global scale.

Core Offerings

We assist enterprises in harnessing the potential of the Korean cosmetics industry and accessing top-tier Korean hospitals and beauty clinics. We also provide students with opportunities to engage with leading Korean H&B enterprises.

Korean Cosmetics by Exprive


We help companies develop their own private label cosmetics in partnership with Korean OEM/ODMs. We support the entire process, from brand story development, product design, case selection, and ingredient selection to R&D, testing, and certification.

Korean Hospital by Exprive


We facilitate business partnerships with leading Korean hospitals and clinics for cross-border opportunities, including medical training abroad, beauty clinic training, and industrial tours.

Korea Lab by Exprive


We empower students with immersive action-learning experiences, including internships at Korean Health & Beauty enterprises and educational industrial tours to Korea, visiting company headquarters and operational sites.

Other Advisory Services

In addition to our core offerings, we provide customized international business development services for enterprises.

Market research & strategy

(business intelligence)

Exprive Health & Beauty Advisory Services

Clinic or cosmetic import/export

(global partnership & sourcing)

Exprive Health & Beauty Advisory Services

Global business development with enterprises & institutes

Exprive Health & Beauty Advisory Services

Product brand positioning 

& launch

Exprive Health & Beauty Advisory Services

Financial modeling & standardization for clinic operations

Exprive Health & Beauty Advisory Services

H&B industrial park development 

(project management)

Exprive Health & Beauty Advisory Services
Clients & Partners
China Aoyuan Group
Genius Group PPEUM Clinic
Soyoung App
Oracle Medical Group
Sejong Hospital
PPEUM Clinic
CIBE (China International Beauty Expo)
FAVORs Group
KHIDI (Korea Health Industry Development Institute)
Contact us

Samseong-ro 95-gil 5F, Gangnam-gu

Seoul, Korea 06157

Whatsapp: +82 10 9050 8301

WeChat: passmin2000

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